Synergy/DBL Programming Services

CSA provides professional Synergy/DBL programming services to assist in the development, maintenance and ongoing support of Synergy/DBL business applications. These services can be provided for individual short term projects, long term open ended engagements, or “as needed” applications support.

Our in house development staff provides you with the ability to quickly expand development resources, adjust to temporary labor requirements, replace existing resources, augment existing staff and retain specialized Synergy/DBL skill sets.

CSA’s wealth of experience across applications and industries, combined with our substantial expertise in utilizing the Synergy/DBL language and product set, enables CSA to offer a reliable high quality solution to your Synergy/DBL software development and support needs.

Applications Design

The implementation of a successful business application starts with a terrific design, and a terrific design starts with a fundamental understanding of the underlying business needs, practices and requirements that are driving the development of the application.

CSA’s design experts can work with your staff to analyze your business needs and process flows, and define the business requirements for your application. Based on those requirements, we can then develop the technical specifications for the application, including designs for user interface, data outputs, technology integration and specific program processing flows.

With a focus on user experience, ease of use, application performance, reliability and stability, CSA will design your application to fit your work flow and enhance your overall business operations.

Project Management

For large, complex, software development projects, CSA can provide the Project Management resources necessary to ensure that your project is completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Essential elements of CSA’s Project Management services include developing time estimates, determining staffing requirements, defining work tasks, developing project and resource schedules, allocating tasks to resources, and the ongoing management of the overall development process.

With over 35 years of experience in developing business applications, CSA possesses the expertise and talent necessary to effectively manage your software development project.

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