Spool Print/View

Spool/Print View is a standalone Windows program that was developed primarily for the purpose of viewing spooled reports.

Reports can be viewed as either Text files, VMS print files, or UNIX print files,  and cannot be edited.

Features include the ability to search for text, print the report, change display fonts and store user preferences.

PCL to PDF File Conversion Package

The PCL to PDF File Conversion Package combines the Lincoln PDF Converter with a CSA Synergy/DBL subroutine that manages the execution of the Lincoln PDF Converter, and the evaluation of its success.

The Lincoln PDF Converter takes a PCL file as input and outputs an equivalent file in PDF format.   The converter has the unique ability to properly manage and convert PCL macros, resulting in reasonably sized PDF files.  These features are not common to all PCL to PDF converters.

The CSA subroutine that manages the execution of the PDF Converter sets up the command line to be processed, converting Synergy logicals into path strings, as necessary.  Upon completion, the subroutine evaluates the conversion log to determine whether the file was successfully converted, and returns that information to the calling program.

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